We spend our days protecting your ideas

Your business relies on your ideas and your work. As a European intellectual property law firm we’re here to protect your rights, so that you can focus on bringing value to your customers.

Bringing our clients the combination of technical
expertise and intellectual property law


You get a specialized team by your side

Whether you need to obtain a patent, deal with a competitor’s patent, pursue or defend infringement charges, get involved in a complex commercial transaction, or manage an IP portfolio, we will support you all the way.

Regardless of the type of matter our clients get a lean team of dedicated people, considered and useful advice, and accurate and competitive price estimates.


We have long experience and industry knowledge of:

Electrical & Computers
Software & E-commerce
Medical Devices & Healthcare
Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals
Clean Tech
Chemistry & Materials Science
Creative & Brands


This is Lind.Edlund.Kenamets.


Wanted: engineering, electronics and/or physics patent attorney

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